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British Council Award Winners

We are the only current English Language School in the world to receive a British Council ELTons Award for Local Innovation!

Award Winning School!

The judges said the scheme is ‘a worthy project that is very effective’. Subsequently we work to maintain the brilliance of PALS, recruiting new local teenagers on a yearly basis to ensure local children have the opportunity to meet our wonderful students, and our students have the opportunity to truly become part of the English community.

Take a look at the PALS scheme here.

Take a look at other ELTons awards here. As you can see we really stand out, because we’re the only current English Language School to receive this award!

Devon Tourism Awards

Following our success at this year’s Devon Tourism Awards, Country Cousins was presented with a Highly Commended 2017/2018 International visitor Experience of the Year certificate. Another very proud moment!!

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