Street Dance

Experience the ultimate modern style of dancing, combining a variety of styles to create a hybrid urban, hip-hop dance.

Students will be taught:

  • Street group dancing
  • Hip-Hop
  • Contemporary
  • Film and theatre choreography

The aim of the classes will be to give the students an insight and understanding of modern hip-hop dance and various other genres, with the intention of putting on a performance at the end of their course, thus giving them a sense of achievement. Lessons will be with qualified dance tutors at a successful dance academy within Ilfracombe, the Rebecca Varley School of Dance.

Students will:

  • Learn and practise a variety of dance styles and techniques such as modern and hip-hop dance.
  • Learn how to describe dance moves and routines in English.
  • Develop confidence by performing their routine.
  • Lessons include a warm-up, technical exercises and short routines with two qualified dance teachers.

Students may bring their own dance shoes, but all sessions can be performed barefoot or in socks.

The Street Dance programme also includes one full day excursion and at least three evening activities taken from the Discovering Devon Programme.

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A typical week’s programme for the Street Dance Programme with 15 hours of lessons per week might be as follows:

Morning Afternoon Evening
Saturday Arrivals & Transfer Meet and get to know your host family
Sunday Induction Meeting for new students Unpack & settle with family Stay at home and practise English with family
Monday English test & orientation Street Dance Lesson Stay at home and practise English with family
Tuesday Full Daytrip to Dunster castle, village and Minehead Town Boat Trip around North Devon (optional)
Wednesday English Classes Street Dance Lesson Karaoke night
Thursday English Classes English Classes Disco
Friday English Classes Street Dance Lesson Barbecue & Tennis

Please Note: For this programme to run successfully, we need a minimum of 3 students participating. We will notify you at least 4 weeks in advance if the programme is to be cancelled. In these circumstances a second option of programme will be offered in its place and adjustments will be made to the final invoice if there is a difference in cost.

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  • Age: 12 to 16 years old
  • Activity sessions: 7.5 hours per week in 3 sessions
  • Group size: 15 students per instructor
  • Lessons: 15 hours of English per week
  • Class size: 15 students max per class
  • Level: From A2 to C1
  • Dates: 16th June to 11th August 2018
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