*NEW* Sports Science

This exciting new programme with Andrew Blake of Bay Fitness will include fitness, vinyasa flow yoga, and seminars/lectures on sport science, nutrition and health. It will be open to all levels with progressive and easier options depending on fitness and level.

  • Fitness and personal training sessions covering all fitness components: strength, mobility, core, speed, agility, cardiovascular endurance.
  • Yoga sessions for the body and the mind with breathing, asana and meditation. Learn the techniques that Andrew uses with athletes he trains including professional surfers and Olympians.
  • Lectures including theory on the practical sessions and covering nutrition, training principles, health and psychology.

Andrew is a personal trainer, vinyasa flow yoga teacher, Physical therapist and Sport Science lecturer. He runs Bay Fitness and Fitness retreats in France and Portugal. He has worked with a variety of athletes including professional surfers, Big wave surfers and olympians.

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A typical week’s Sports Science Programme with 15 hours of English lessons per week might be as follows:-

Morning Afternoon Evening
Saturday Arrivals & Transfer Meet and get to know your host family
Sunday Induction Meeting for new students Unpack & settle with family Stay at home and practise English with family
Monday English test & orientation Quad Biking Stay at home and practise English with family
Tuesday Daytrip to Exmoor National Park, Lynton and Lynmouth Boat Trip around North Devon (optional)
Wednesday English Classes Adventure Swimming Karaoke night
Thursday English Classes English Classes Disco
Friday English Classes Kayaking Barbecue & Tennis

Students must be able to swim at least 50 metres in open water in light clothing and be prepared to wear appropriate safety equipment when necessary. 

Please note that students will get wet so older clothes and shoes are advisable.

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  • Age: 15 to 17 years old
  • Activity sessions: 7.5 hours per week in 3 sessions
  • Group size: 6 students per instructor
  • Lessons: 15 hours of English per week
  • Class size: 15 students max per class
  • Level: From B1 to C1
  • Dates: 16th June to 11th August 2018
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