Country Cousins

English as a Foreign Language Teachers' Area


We work with many native and foreign EFL teachers from all over the world. We know that finding useful resources is paramount in providing well-planned, successful lessons, as well as providing you with new materials so that your interest and motivation is kept high. 

These, in our opinion, are some of the best links and we hope you find them helpful: : British Council/BBC sponsored website. As you would expect it provides some good pointers for theory, including discussions and blogs from various teachers. Also has links to photocopiable activities. : This site features an interactive phonemic chart, as well links to lessons (some of which can be downloaded), theory, tips and a job search (though quite limited). Much of the site requires a subscription, but the free stuff is still useful. : Mostly US English and designed for younger learners, but lots of adaptable photocopiable activities. : provides lots on on-line tests of grammar, listening, etc. US based, despite the title. : US English once more, but lots of activities for younger learners, including the lyrics to songs and nursery rhymes. : An unusual site in that it provides lessons/notes in power point / presentation format. Mostly exam based. : Imagine and on-line grammar book such as Swan or Thompson & Martinet and you have this site. However there are some downloadable activities, but you do have to look for them. : Clip Art specifically for EFL. : A Canadian based website, no longer as well maintained, but has some useful and different material, such as student diaries, lesson plan blanks and the like. : Lots of pronunciation theory as well as downloadable activities (though US based). : A Daddy of a links page! Maintained by The Internet TESL Journal : Maintained by Oxford Brookes University. Another links page for theory and practice.