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Teaching & Learning

A unique learning environment for your child

At Country Cousins, we provide a special learning environment for our students. We make every effort to improve their communication skills and boost their confidence to become more independent language learners.

We teach our students how to use online resources and mobile apps to continue learning autonomously when they return home. The blended learning course is completely action oriented. It offers a wide range of everyday topics focusing on communication, listening strategies, cultural and intercultural awareness as well as life skills in general.

“The blended learning course offers a wide range of everyday topics.”

Our syllabus

We appreciate that learning English is a complex process and involves a variety of elements that need to be put together to communicate with ease, which is why we developed a syllabus based on five learning blocks:

  • Learning through Experience
  • Using Online Resources
  • Learning Strategies
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Continuous Learning

In the afternoons, students will be able to choose one of our new workshops and learn English whilst developing skills to become Young Film Directors, Grammar Experts, Teen TED Speakers or Creative Writers.