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Meet the Team

Jose Brinkmann – Managing Director

Jose is the Managing Director of Country Cousins. Jose was a student at Country Cousins for many years, and he enjoyed his time at the school so much that he bought it!

Jose arranges the programmes for Country Cousins, and plans all the timetables, he’s the person who makes activities so fun! Jose is also a first aider.

Feel free to talk to him at any time; he is a really approachable person who will always do his best to resolve any situations that might arise. If he isn’t at his desk he can usually be found around the school grounds.

Maribel Cabrera – School Principal

Maribel is School Principal at Country Cousins and is responsible for the day to day running of the school. She develops, implements, and oversees all of the policies, programmes, and procedures at Channel School. She is a friendly and happy member of the team who always makes everyone feel at home.

But Maribel is more than just the School Principal, she is also a Designated Safeguarding Person, this means she is available to help all students with any concerns or problems they may have. Maribel is also a first aider.

Maribel can be found in the main office.

Michelle Schofield – Welfare and Accommodation Manager

Michelle is the Welfare and Accommodation Manager at Country Cousins. Her job is to find the right homestay for our students. She is the expert at knowing which host family is the perfect match for each student! Michelle is a very fun member of the team who gets everyone smiling.

Michelle is also a Designated Safeguarding Person and manages students’ welfare in their stay. Michelle is also a first aider.

Michelle also manages the PALS, she is incredibly dedicated to Country Cousins and does everything she can to make sure everyone enjoys their stay. She can be found in reception.

Matt Boni – Transport Manager

Matt is the Transport Manager at Country Cousins. He manages all the minibuses, coaches, and drivers who go to the airports to meet students. He is a cheerful, helpful member of the team who is equally happy helping out in the office, driving minibuses, or playing football with the students.

If you have any questions regarding your travel Matt is the person to talk to. He can tell you where you should be, and when. Matt is also first aided.

Matt is usually in his office however if he is not try looking for him near the buses!

Erica Woolgar – School Secretary and Registrar

Erica is the new School Secretary and Registrar at Country Cousins. She helps in the enrolment of students. Erica is a very active person who has experience working with children, now she wants to encourage children to pursue similar outdoor pursuits.

She is always here to help, whether it means pointing people in the right direction, or taking the time to have a nice chat.

Erica can usually be found in reception, and is a good person to talk to about any questions or problems.

Alicja Szyszkowiak – Director of Studies

Alicja is the Director of Studies at Country Cousins. She manages the teaching department, overseeing teachers, checking student levels, and ensuring the curriculum is exciting and relevant. She is always looking for innovative and fun ways to make lessons interesting for international students.

Alicja is an experienced teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies and has worked in four different countries. She is often inspired by her teacher friends living all over the world.

Alicja is also a Designated Safeguarding Person so approach her with any concerns or questions. She can be found in the Director of Studies Office.