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Country Cousins Ltd
Bicclescombe Park
Ilfracombe, North Devon, EX34 8JN
Telephone: 00 44 1271 862834



In a safe & traditional learning environment



Excellent choice of courses by the seaside


Make friends from all over the world


Through quality English courses.


Be the best you can be

British Council ELTons Award 2014  

Winners of a global British Council ELTons Award in 2014!

We are the only English school in the United Kingdom to have ever won the prestigious international ELTons award, for Local Innovation, from the British Council!

Country Cousins invites you then to improve your English through quality educational courses with fun and exciting sports programmes.


We are a small family run English as a Foreign Language Global Award winning organisation which has been providing quality English educational visits to Junior students since 1951 in North Devon, England.

At Country Cousins we offer a variety of programmes that will help to develop your child’s skills and improve their English Language, not only in class but with their host family and with the sport or activity of their choice.

Every year our students feel more confident with their English by the end of the course and make new international friends.


Ample supervision by dedicated staff in a safe area with unique collaboration with the Police force, integrating local teenagers in the activities with our students. Please read this article about our PALS.
An extensive range of activities and programmes to suit everyone's needs and tastes.
Our hosts are carefully selected and frequently inspected by our staff and checked by social services. They are trustworthy caring hosts.
Country Cousins has arranged linguistic visits since 1951.
Global award winning school. We constantly strive for excellence and customer satisfaction.
Our two schools are in the countryside, in small towns, away from stress, big cities, traffic and violence. It is an ideal place to learn English, offering a safe, clean and green environment for young people with beautiful beaches and national parks.
Outstanding locations and opportunities for students, accommodating individual needs, resulting in a memorable developmental experience.


  • Specialising in Juniors (7 to 17 years old)
  • Reliable, caring and friendly host families
  • Effective tuition and variety of activity programmes to suit all students’ needs
  • Family run business with personal attention to all our students
  • 24-hour emergency number for students, host families and parents
  • Friendly and approachable staff


  • Clean, pure air & green countryside in North Devon, with access to stunning beaches
  • Small towns (safer for younger students)
  • Protected and happy environment
  • Traditional English culture with slower and relaxed way of life
  • All within the popular county of Devon


  • 2014 Global ELTons Winner for Local Innovation - P.A.L.S (Promoting Acceptance of Language Students)
  • Educational holidays in a healthy and traditional coastal region of England
  • Homestay programmes with caring and welcoming English host families
  • Dynamic and Interactive English lessons
  • Variety of seaside activity / sports programmes
  • Care and supervision from day 1


What do our students say about us?

  • My experience with my host family was really good. They were very friendly with me and when I needed help they always tried to help me. I learnt a lot speaking with my host family.
    Swedish boy, 13 // Golf Programme
  • I have had again three wonderful weeks with lots of fun and new friends. Surfing was super fun and the level of my English has improved.
    Norweigan boy, 15 // Surfing Programme
  • I was dreaming in English at the end.
    Italian girl, 14 // Street Dance Programme
  • I stayed with the same host family for the fourth time and wouldn't change them for anything in the world.
    Slovakian girl, 16 // Street Dance Programme
  • One thing I found perfect is the number of programmes that can be chosen.
    French girl, 14 // Adventure Sports Programme
  • I'd like to repeat this experience, because I've improved my English, and I've met with more new friends. I like the way that they people here look after me. I love my family.
    Jordanian boy, 11 // Discovering Devon Programme
  • All was good. Amazing, perfect!
    Korean girl, 15 // Discovering Devon Programme
  • England was extremely nice. I was received very cordially by my host family. We did so many different things: hiking, shopping, watching football, going to the beach, watching films together, and much more. It was not at all boring. My host mother, who was like a girl-friend to me, was always there for me!
    German girl, 16 // Street Dance Programme
  • I've been very lucky to be put with my family, they are extremely nice and kind. I loved the time spent at home chatting all together with a cup of tea and watching movies after dinner. When I left Latvia I didn't expect this language holiday to be such a wonderful experience!
    Latvian girl, 17 // Adventure Sports Programme
  • My experience in North Devon overall was really good, beautiful and nice with everybody: my family, my teachers, friends... Thanks a lot for everything! I had a nice time in Country Cousins.
    Dutch girl, 14 // Tennis Programme
  • My host family was really nice!! The activities were funny and interesting!
    German girl, 13 // Discovering Devon Programme
  • The family and activities are fantastic!
    Romanian boy, 13 // Discovering Devon Programme
  • The programme was good and the trips also. My family was perfetct and very active.
    Chinese boy, 11 // Discovering Devon Programme
  • It was great! I enjoy myself every time! I love Ilfracombe and I don’t want to go home!
    Polish girl, 14 // Adventure Sports Programme
  • Football was good!
    Czech boy, 16 // Football Programme
  • I was really happy. School was great and I had fun.
    Russian girl, 13 // Discovering Devon Programme
  • It was fun like last year!!!
    Swedish girl, 17 // Riding Programme
  • It was a nice time and I learned much! Thank you!
    Swiss boy, 15 // Discovering Devon Programme
  • It was a good experience and this has helped my shyness. I liked very much my family and I hope to return here again. The teachers are very good and also the staff.
    Italian girl, 16 // Street Dance Programme
  • This experience was good, I think and I improved my English quite well. The family was really friendly and the organisation was good too!
    Austrian girl, 15 // Golf Programme
  • The full day trips were the best. And the disco!!!!!!
    Norwegian girl, 14 // Street Dance Programme
  • It was all wonderful, because the daytrips to Exeter and are absolutely the best. We can shop and visit monuments.
    Finnish girl, 14 // Adventure Sports Programme
  • The three weeks here were very good, all the activities, classes, and especially the host family that looked after me all the time.
    Hong Kong girl, 15 // Riding Programme
  • The experience was very good. I’ll repeat the next year. The family was great.
    Indonesian boy, 13 // Adventure Sports Programme
  • My experience with my host family it was really good. They were very friendly with me and when I needed help they always tried to help me. I learnt a lot speaking with my host family.
    Slovakian girl, 13 // Street Dance Programme
  • I have had three wonderful weeks with lots of fun and new friends. Surfing was superb and my English has improved. Thank you for everything.
    Belgian boy, 15 // Surfing Programme
  • I loved my holiday in Country Cousins because we are in a town where there are the beach, they are shop and we do an activity what we like. We have friends who can meet in the town centre and the family is lovely.
    Swiss girl, 13 // Riding Programme
  • I really enjoyed this stay. I was there for a second time and I stayed with the same family, which I was really pleased. I was glad I could come here again.
    Czech boy, 17 // Tennis Programme
  • It was very good, my family was very very good. I love it. If I come again next year I will be with the same family. I think the college was very good, and the trip with it was good too.
    Taiwanese boy, 12 // Adventure Sports Programme
  • Ilfracombe is great, the school and activities are good. Host family was very nice, everything was great.
    Austrian girl, 16 // Riding Programme
  • It was best holidays! I met new people and I think I am better in English. The family was good. The teachers are great! Thank you very much for everything!!!
    Czech girl, 16 // Street Dance Programme
  • The teachers and the staff (activity leaders) are great. My host family is the best I’m sure. This year I’ve come because of them, for the school. North Devon is gorgeous.
    Spanish boy, 16 // Beach Volleyball Programme

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